Dear Parents and Students,

We welcome you to Dream....Believe...Dance!!! I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know those of you that are new, as well as welcome back all my returning students. I’m looking forward to a fun and productive new session.

My teaching philosophy stays the same. The student will have fun while learning the fundamentals of dance. My goal is for every child to find an appreciation and love for dance….and for every child to feel appreciated when they are dancing.

Our teaching staff has many years of experience not just in dancing but in teaching. Our highly trained staff will make sure your dancers learn proper technique safely in a fun and caring environment.

Here are some things you'll need to know so all of us can have the best possible experience.

Parents will not be allowed to stay in the room during their child’s class. You will be allowed to come in if the child needs you to change their shoes or if they need a bathroom break.

There will be designated parents’ days where you will be invited in to observe and maybe even take part in the class. I want the children to be able to focus and learn. I generally leave the door to our room open so your child will still be visible to you if you are waiting in the foyer.

TEARS: It’s possible your dancer may have a meltdown his/her first day of class (or two or three classes). Don’t panic! This is normal especially for our youngest dancers. It’s important to have patience with our little ones. They may need mom or dad to sit in the classroom the first few weeks and that is OK!  There are also times we may close the door and ask you to sit in the waiting area.  Every child is different and may need different things to help them take that first step towards participating comfortably in class. Please be aware there is a camera in the room that can be viewed from the front desk if needed.

 ATTIRE - The students may wear any color leotard and tights, bike shorts, leggings etc. However, it must be a dance outfit. If they would like to wear a tutu, I prefer that it be detachable, so the tutu can be removed when tumbling.

SHOES - They must have leather like ballet slippers with the elastic band to hold it on and tap shoes by the third week of class. Specific shoes colors and styles are recommended below. Please be sure the laces for the ballet slippers are cut, so they do not keep coming untied. If you do not cut them, we will. class.  

 HAIR - must be pulled back! Please use a soft ponytail holder or hair accessories. A barrette on the top of someone’s head doing a forward roll hurts….ouch!

Gymnastics classes can wear ballet slippers, gymnastics shoes or barefoot. Also, please be sure the students are wearing fitted fitness clothing. You don’t want them taking their hands away to pull their shirt down in the middle of a handstand.

Ballet - Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers

Tap - beginners black Mary Jane style tap shoes
lyrical classes – half sole turners

   Intermediate tap(Saturday class) -  black oxford style taps

Jazz - Tan slip on jazz shoes

Gymnastics - Barefoot, ballet slippers or gymnastic shoes. 

PERFORMANCES: We have a Spring Recital We also provide our performance classes with an additional community performance during Palmer days. We expect our dancers to participate at recitals and community performances. However, we understand that things come up and at times dancers are not able to attend. However, your child has worked really hard! One of the many amazing things that dance teaches a child is discipline. They deserve to have their hard work and dedication acknowledged. These life-lessons extend far beyond the studio too!

MAKE UP CLASSES – If your child misses a class, they may make up that class in another class that matches their ability level or age group. Please check with Miss Justine as to what class be available

COMPETITION TEAM:  We currently have an award-winning competition team here at Dream…Believe …Dance. Competition is not for everyone.  However, if you have a goal oriented, competitive dancer who loves performing, this could be a great opportunity.  If you are interested, please set up a time to talk to Miss Justine after class or feel free to email.


PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD EARLY AND PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK YOUR CHILD UP. Staff members cannot be responsible for your children left unsupervised before or after class time. Parents are required to come into the dance room to pick up their child. 

STUDENTS MUST WAIT TO BE INVITED INTO THE CLASSROOM BEFORE ENTERING. Often times classes run back to back leaving only 1 or 2 minutes for staff to take care of their personal needs. Do not send your child into the classroom before they have been invited in.

ABSOLUTELY NO GYMNASTICS OR RUNNING. We cannot allow unsupervised gymnastics or running during class time or in the waiting room. This is how injures happen and they can easily be avoided with your help in enforcing the rules.

Be informed:

Anything you need to know will be posted on our Facebook page. It is imperative you follow that page for all information.
If you have any questions, please email me at

What to expect...

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To register for classes please visit the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township at 

4100 Green Pond Road - Palmer Township - Northampton County - Pennsylvania

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